Annual Service Agreements

Data Net understands that your data collection system is an integral part of your company. We offer two different programs to protect your investment and keep that system running:

Standard ASA

The standard ASA program provides for depot repair of your hardware products and ensures that you have the latest version of our software products. With a standard ASA you only pay for the shipping of your products to Data Net. Any failures caused by normal wear and tear will be repaired at no charge.

Diamond Level ASA

The Diamond Level ASA is Data Net's highest level of service, designed to protect mission-critical systems. Membership in this program helps keep your downtime to under 24 hours per incident. Membership entitles you to receipt of a new or factory-refurbished unit to replace a defective unit. If Data Net is notified by 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time, we will ship you the replacement unit via FedEx Priority Overnight. When the package arrives, simply put the new unit into service, place the old unit in the box, affix the enclosed shipping label and send the old one back. We pay the shipping. That means no tracking numbers, no RMAs to deal with, no waiting to get back in service.

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