Project Management

Data Net provides its clients with project management services to ensure a complete and successful implementation of a data collection system.

"A system is not a solution until it's successfully implemented, rolled-out, and working."

Why is project management critical to a successful data collection application implementation?

Data collection applications typically require multiple resources from several departments of your business. You most likely will be integrating your data collection application with one or more of your business systems, which will require additional resources. End users will require education and will be required to participate in the evaluation of the hardware tools and application design. Integration of the data collection system into your ERP or other business system is no simple task. It will need to be managed properly to ensure timely success.

All of these actions, disciplines and events will have to be managed. To be successful in managing this large and often confusing process an experienced and qualified person or team should be responsible. Data Net can provide you with a team of software, application design and hardware configuration specialists. By doing so, Data Net not only takes responsibility for its data collection system, but also for its successful implementation, rollout and client's solution acceptance.

Data Net's Project Management Methodology: