Co-Log/Open Instructional Movies
(High-speed internet access recommended.)

Movie #1: Co-Log/Open Server, Terminal Emulator  5:46  5.1Mb

Walks you through loading the Inventory Demo config and test-driving it on a simulated DNT 550 terminal on your desktop. Server monitors whether terminals are online or not. Terminals continue to operate offline, collecting data when the server is down, and automatically upload when reconnected.

Movie #2: Time & Attendance Config Wizard  5:03  5.6Mb

You can write a Co-Log/Open config by answering a series of questions, such as company name and employee ID format. Create a database of employee badge numbers and names. The wizard shows you briefly the inner workings of the new config. Use the Terminal Emulator to try it out.

Movie #3: Editing a config, the Co-Log/Open Editor  9:36  11.2Mb

It's easy to change a config. This movie walks through several tweaks to the Time & Attendance config we made in Movie #2: improve the user-interaction, simplify the menus, add a new employee.

Movie #4: Receiving Wizard, SQL Database  10:10 11.1Mb

Generate a parts receiving application using a Config Wizard. This config will use SQL to store transactions and to validate Employee, part and order numbers against a Microsoft® Access Database. The Co-Log/Open Config Editor makes it very easy to plug database tables and fields into a config.


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