Data Net is an experienced provider of barcode and RFID data collection solutions. Our strength is systems that track personnel, processes, production and inventory on the shop floor, in warehouses, in distribution centers and in the field.

Our cost effective, flexible systems grow with you. Our quick implementation, minimal training requirements and fast ROI get you on-line faster. Our full suite of hardware, software, services and support guarantee smooth operations. At Data Net, we tailor all our solutions, whether off-the-shelf or developed specifically for you, to your way of doing business.

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Direct Response. When you call us, you talk to us, whether it's a data collection emergency or an inquiry about our products. Installation, project management, training and repair are done by us.

Freely integrate bar code and RFID data with practically any back end system with Co-Log/Open. Data Net has distilled over 20 years of data collection systems into an easy to use and flexible system that works with fixed and portable terminals

Select from a powerful variety of data collection hardware. For inventory tracking, shipping, stockroom management and more, find your best equipment combinations here.

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