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Data Net supplies thousands of companies in over 25 countries with flexible, easy to configure ERP enhancement systems that include software implementation, hardware and technical customer support. DataBridge™ and Co-Log®/Open provide rapid configuration of data collection systems and deployment of the communications network necessary to link the broad family data collection devices and printers to ERP applications.


Data Net has strong experience in all aspects of data collection and the systems that support it. In addition to the hardware and software we sell and support we offer a broad range of services ranging from application development to repair at our facilities in Falls Church. From bar codes to RFID, labels to scanners, databases to applications – we have it covered.


Data Net has adapted to the changing environment and requirements of MRP, MRPII, WMS and ERP Implementations. Data Net has been providing integrated shop floor data collection solutions for over 15 years. Data Net is committed to providing on-time, on-budget data collection solutions.

Located in Falls Church, Virginia, Data Net has been providing solutions primarily in the manufacturing and distribution environments. Data Net designs, markets, implements, and supports sophisticated data collection systems that enhance productivity.

Data Net's products and services include Integration Software, Custom Programming, Data Collection Terminals, Consulting, and Customer Support Services.

As time and technology change, so has Data Net. From offering DOS based solutions (Co-Log®) in the 80's to Windows based solutions (Win-Log™). Today, Data Net can meet the requirements for automated data collection in the new millennium.


We take pride in our history and our experience. Our team has an understanding of data collection rarely found elsewhere. From the top down we understand the industry and how technology can create as many problems as it solves. We quickly identify your needs, determine the right combination of hardware and software to fit them and speak a language that everyone can understand.

Our mission is to get the information to your information system so that everything in your company works together from the shop floor all the way to the top floor.

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