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Co-Log/Open, Data Net's latest generation of data collection software, combines over twenty years of experience with the latest technology to enable you to create powerful data collection solutions. Co-Log/Open's ease of use hides the complexity of creating robust, real-time systems while providing a framework for data collection that can quickly evolve to meet your company's needs.

Using Microsoft's ODBC technology Co-Log/Open communicates with a variety of databases and ERP systems. In addition to native database access, Co-Log/Open can communicate directly to a variety of host platforms, including Windows©, Unix or AS/400. Additionally, through its use of TCP/IP and radio frequency (IEEE 802.11b) connectivity, Co-Log/Open enables a company to leverage its existing network and support personnel.

Co-Log/Open lets you focus on your company's unique needs instead of the intricacies of data collection hardware and software. No programming experience is required to create an exact solution that lets you enforce your business rules on the shop floor or in the warehouse. Because it is easy to use and configure, Co-Log/Open installations can be deployed rapidly and can evolve quickly and constantly, allowing for a faster return on investment.

Co-Log/Open was designed to be as easy to maintain, as it is to configure. Network diagnostics allow for control and monitoring of all devices from a single computer. Intelligent terminals reduce the load on host systems and allow for continuous operation, even in the event of network failure.

Co-Log/Open's flexibility extends to the data collection equipment it supports. Co-Log/Open communicates with data collection terminals from Datalogic, Intelligent Instrumentation, Symbol, Intermec, Compsee, and others. With Co-Log/Open you have the freedom to focus on selecting the best device for each piece of your data collection puzzle.

So if you're looking for a true data collection system Co-Log/Open is the tool you need. Download a complete one-user version here or request an on-line demonstration.

Co-Log/Open Instructional Movies See the instructional movies for getting started with Co-Log/Open (5-10 minutes each).


Data collection with industry standard connectivity:
  • TCP/IP networking
  • 802.11 wireless networking
  • TCP/IP and IBM 5250 host interfaces
Supported terminals include:
  • Data Net DNT 950, DNT 555, DNT 550, DNT 300, DNT 100, DNT 520, DNT 540, DNT 540R
  • Datalogic Falcon 340, 345, 515, 625, CE.NET devices
  • Symbol 6800 series, CE.NET devices
  • Intelligent Instrumentation LANpoint CE.NET, LANpoint 7, LANpoint Mobile and LANpoint PLUS
  • Intermec, LXE and Psion Teklogix CE.NET devices
  • and more DOS and CE.NET compatible devices
Smart terminal software:
  • Much data validation can occur at terminals, saving time and bandwidth
  • Data collection can continue when server is down or out of range
  • The same application can have multiple layouts, tailored to each terminal
Powerful server back-end:
  • Integrates with virtually any database
  • OLE Automation capabilities allow Co-Log/Open to integrate with a wide range of software, under terminal control
  • Can integrate TCP/IP-based terminals with legacy RS-422 terminal networks
  • Automatically updates terminals with latest application configuration or software
Flexible scripting language:
  • Validate against data stored on the terminal, at the server, in a remote database, or in a host system
  • Data can be stored to flat text files, ODBC databases, BTrieve files or a host server
  • Affords complete control over data collection flow
  • Multiple tasks can be performed within one application
  • Allows complete discretion over data sources
  • All validation, integration, and other actions are under terminal control
  • Supports both real-time and cached data validation
  • Applications are extensible and easily modified as needs change
Visual application design tool:
  • Customizable wizards guide application creation
  • Point-and-click integration with ODBC and COM
  • Application overview tree allows easy navigation of large configurations
  • Windows-based Terminal Emulator included for application test and debugging
  • No programming required

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