Product Matrix

IntelliTrack comes in three versions to allow you to select the combination of price and features that meets your needs. For more information on selecting the right version for you please contact us.

Batch Standard RF Standard RF Professional
Batch portable data collection terminal Application x x x
Cycle Counting x x x
Inquires x x x
Inventory Moves & Transfers x x x
Multiple Units of Measure x x x
Paperless Picking & Receiving x x x
Physical Inventory x x x
SQL Server Capable x x x
Serial Numbers x x x
Source Code (optional) x x x
Staging   x x
Portable data collection terminal Bar Code Printing   x x
Terminal Messaging   x x
RF (WiFi) portable data collection terminal Application   x x
Cross Docking     x
Cubing (Space Management)     x
Directed Pick & Put away     x
Kitting x x x
Pallet Tracking     x
Replenishment     x
Wave Picking
(Batched Orders)

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