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Mobile CruiserMobile Cruiser
Portable Mobile Cruiser
Touch Screen Data Collection Computer

The Mobile Cruiser is a rugged Windows® touch screen computer. The Mobile Cruiser is a shop floor PC with an advantage: It can be removed from its docking cradle for remote operation and scanning with its optional built-in laser scanner. The Mobile Cruiser's full color VGA tough screen is ideal for displaying complex information. With its optional Wi-Fi (802.11b RF) connection the Mobile Cruiser can access your network in real time for applications such as work-in-progress, MES and labor tracking.


  • VGA with 2/4MB VRAM;
  • TFT LCD (6.4") high luminance;
  • 640x480 pixels;
  • Resistive touch screen
  • Industrial, high-strength polycarbonate;
  • 7.4" L x 7.7" W x 3.95" H;
  • Weight (including battery pack): 63oz.
  • NEMA type 5, Water and dust resistant;
  • Operating temp: -20° C to 50° C;
  • Storage temp: -40° C to 60° C;
  • Drop: Multiple 4' to concrete (any edge/face, except display
Microprocessor / Memory
  • Transmeta TM5400 32-bit microprocessor, 533 MHz;
  • 128MB SRAM;
  • 1GB HD storage
Operating Systems
  • Windows 2000;
  • Windos 98;
  • PC DOS;
  • Mobile Linux
I/O Options, Internal
  • 3 PC Card slots, 2 internal, 1 external;
  • Magnetic swipe reader;
  • Laser scanner
I/O Options, Docked
  • Serial RS-232;
  • External PS/2 keyboard connector;
  • 2 USB ports;
  • VGA monitor connector;
  • Floppy drive/parallel interface
  • Sound Blaster® compatible;
  • Internal speaker;
  • Internal microphone;
  • Headset jack
  • Rechargeable 3300 mAh, Li-ion battery;
  • Advanced Power Management
  • Expansion Dock;
  • AC/DC charging cable;
  • Two-bay battery charger;
  • External floppy drive;
  • Wi-Fi LAN PC Cards;
  • Vehicle mount cradle;
  • Shoulder strap


The Mobile Cruiser can be used for the following applications:



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